With the advent of NFC in every modern Smartphone some people come to think about natural and seamless device to device communication and the interaction that is needed to make it work.
We are in need of such interactions because people are packing more and more devices in their Environments. Today we have different kinds of digitally annotated Cards (Banking, Insurance, Travel, Authentication, etc.), a smartphone, perhaps a tablet and a PC (Laptop or Desktop). Configuring all these devices can be a lot of pain and getting them connected is seamless matter makes it even more complicated.
In our vision of the future there are even more devices to blend in to one harmonious system the user interacts with (smart home, car, personal information environment, etc.).
We began to think about these interactions in 2009. Inspired by the need to interact with a plethora of different devices we came up with the idea of the SiTab, a device that can sense other devices around it knows their spacial arrangement.

As a proof of concept we developed a demo application that stretches an images across multiple displays. By placing one SiTab in proximity of another the tabs communicate their positions and exchange the image data, resulting in an image that is correctly spanned across these devices.

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